In our efforts to renew the beautiful Michigan Theatre of Jackson, we need your help with the purchase and installation of new chairs. The generosity of our supporters is needed to make this effort a reality. Every donor for seats and seat installation¬†will be recognized on an engraved plaque. The new chairs will have a comfortable angle of sitting with higher back support, feature drink holders, and have movable armrests. The new chairs will be wider and feature more leg room to enhance the comfort of our patrons. The chairs will be arriving in July and installation will begin shortly after that, so please do not hesitate to be part of this exclusive renovation at Jackson’s only historic theater!¬†


All armrests will now feature a cup holder.


Executive Director, Steve Tucker, enjoying his first time in the chairs that will be arriving in July.


Spacious and comfortable, the new chairs will allow for a patrons to have a better experience when visiting The Michigan Theatre of Jackson.

The price of each chair includes the chair purchase, storage, and installation.

Donations will be accepted until costs of installation and floor construction is complete.

Chair Purchase

  • Price: $50.00
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